Resniks in Israel

Report from Israel by Barbara Silverman
October 14, 2000

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Dear Family & Friends:

The situation has deteriorated drastically.  Here, in Israel, I watched with horror as our Israeli soldiers were knifed and beaten to death and then dragged out the window.  But that wasn't enough for the mob.  They then dragged the bodies through the streets of Ramallah, desecrating the bodies.  When the mob had finished, then the Palestinian police (our "peace partners") delivered the broken bodies to the Israeli Army.

As the murder was taking place, the portable phone of one of the soldiers rang.  One of the mob answered the phone, and told the Israeli soldier's wife that her husband was being killed.  The couple had been married just four days before.

Since the Prime Minister decided these scenes would be too horrifying for the Israeli families to see, they were not shown again later in the day.  However I saw the scene early in the day as it was being broadcast.  I don't know if you saw it in America.

On a personal level, you would probably like to know what is happening in our own family circle.  Here in Jerusalem it has been relatively quiet.  Now it is Succot, and it is traditional to visit the Western Wall on a pilgrimage.  We will have to wait from day to day and see what happens.

Our daughter Claire and her husband Daniel Lang live in a Yishuv (community) in Samaria called Rimonim with their three children (Ariel, Gita, and Oded).  It is half way between Ramallah and Jericho, just hour from Jerusalem.  Claire and the children were unable to go to work and school for a few days.  When they did go, they were in a convoy with armed soldiers in front and behind their bus.  Normally, the buses that go to the West Bank have protective glass on the windows.

Claire was able to go to work in Jerusalem for a couple of days.  Danny is a contractor and has Arab workers.  Danny was unable to start a large remodeling job because the Government had put a closure on the territories.  The workers were unable to come to work.

When Claire & Danny Lang returned to their Yishuv from Jerusalem on Friday afternoon (October 13), they found that the Army had sent additional soldiers to guard.  In addition, the residents of Yishuv would also be doing guard duty.  Each family was asked to invite some soldiers to their home and feed them a Shabbat meal.  Fortunately, I had given Claire & Danny everything from my freezer because I didn't know if they would be isolated for a while.  So they had food to share with the soldiers.

Our daughter Rachel and her husband Daniel Brody live in a large community called Givart Sharett.  It is located in the City of Beit Shemesh.  It is also hour from Jerusalem, but in the other direction.  Their five children (Eliana, Elisheva, Meira, Netanel, & Yochanan) were able to attend school in their own community without any trouble.  Danny was able to come into Jerusalem to work, but only on the main road. 

Marvin and I just returned to Jerusalem from Beit Shemesh, after spending the first day of Succot and Shabbat with the Brodys.  As we sat with the Brody family  in their beautiful Succah, listening to the children sing and hearing them laugh, it was hard to believe what had happened to Israel in the last week.  Our hearts are with the families of the soldiers who were killed.  We are determined to survive this, as we have survived many other calamities.

Chag Sameach:  Happy Succot, and Our Warmest Wishes to You All!


Love, Barbara


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