A Package from Home

Report from Israel by Barbara Silverman
October 23, 2000

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Dear Family & Friends:

For more than a month, Israel has been under siege.  Our brave soldiers have been withstanding barrage after barrage of stones, Molotov cocktails, and live fire.  For many long hours they have defended against the onslaught of the Palestinian mobs, egged on by our "Peace Partner" Yasser Arafat.  These soldiers are the guardians of the State of Israel.  Because of their valiant efforts, the Palestinian aim of destroying Israel has been thwarted.

We have received many notes of solidarity and expressions of frustration.  You have asked, "How can we help?  What can we do?"  These same questions are being asked over and over again.  Write or call the media to protest inaccurate and unfair reporting, urge the White House to protest the cynical use by the PA of human lives to promote their political agenda, and stay informed.

Here in Israel we have initiated a project to honor our soldiers and to thank them for the outstanding job they are doing in securing our safety and our survival.  We call it a "Package from Home".

These packages come filled with prepared foodstuffs like peanut butter, canned fish (with pop-tops), hard candies, homemade brownies, chocolate chip bars, etc.  They also contain necessities like Army socks, tooth brushes and tooth paste, etc.  The packages are mailed in special boxes directly to soldiers on active duty.  They are delivered by Army mail within 48 hours of mailing.  Each package costs $30 (including postage).

For security reasons, we have been asked by the Army not to disclose the number of packages, or where they are sent.  But I can assure you that the psychological lift from receiving a "Package from Home" is immeasurable.  The soldiers often say "Elef Brachot" (a thousand blessings).

If you decide to help us in this project, please send a check made out to:

Barbara Silverman
12/63 Keren Kayemet L'Israel Street
Jerusalem, Israel  92428


Barbara Silverman


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